How To Download & Install Cinelerra Video Editor?

In this post we will see how to downlaod & install Cinelerra video editor.

download and install cinelerra
Downlaod & Install Cinelerra

Go to site. Click on download link.

First method
On download page scroll little, click on packages (depending upon your computer system). Click on the distro. Run the given commands (as per distro) on terminal.
As per the instructions don’t forget to edit sources list file.

Once everything done click on menu and open cinelerra by clicking on the name in list.

Second method-

On downloads page click on download cinelerra AppImage.

Click on the appimage which you want to download as per your system. Once downlaod completes go to the place where you have downloaded the appimage.

On permissions tab check execute box allow executing file as a program. So when you click on the appimage it will open.

So this way you can install cinelerra video editor. If you have any qustion do post it in comments.

watch video tutorial here

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