How To Do Split Screen In Kdenlive?

How To Do Split Screen In Kdenlive?

In this post we will see how to do split screen video using Kdenlive video editor. By doing split screen you can play video side by side.

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split screen in kdenlive

Import Clips-

First import video clips in Kdenlive video editor. Drag & drop video on timeline. Click on the play button under project monitor to check it.

Split Screen-

Now drag and drop the second video above first video on timeline. You can see this video will hide the previous video in preview (project monitor).

Click on transitions(current version compositions) and search for composite. Drag and drop this transition on start of second clip and stretch till the end of the clip. Click on the play button to check.

Click on view menu and click on effects/compositions stack to open stack window, here to change the size of the video inside size box enter value in percentage. Or in project monitor drag the borders or corners to change the size of the video.

Now drag and drop this video where you want it to appear on screen.

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