How To Convert Text To Speech In Ezvid

In this tutorial we will see how to convert text to speech or how to synthesize speech. You can use this type of audio when you do not want to add your own voice to video tutorials. They just sound like regular human being. All you have to do is little adjustments with the speed and you can use it.

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how to convert text to speech in ezvid
Convert text to speech in Ezvid

First add text which you want to convert into audio. Then click on synthesize speech, to do text to speech. Depending upon your text length (words) it will take little or no time to convert. Once done click on play button to check it.

If it’s not complete, remove recording. For that right click on recording and click clear recording, click on confirm.

Drag text slide to increase it’s duration and incorporate all the words in the text slide. Now again click on synthesize speech. Once completes click on the play button to check it.

Repeat above steps till you get desired recording for all the text slides in your project.

So this way you can do text to speech. If you have any question do post it in comments.

To understand it better watch tutorial here

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