How To Blur Video In Kdenlive

How To Blur Video In Kdenlive?

In this post we will see how to blur video in Kdenlive video editor. You can use blur effect to hide any sensitive data appearing in your video.

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kdenlive blur effect

Blur entire video

Click on effects and click on blur and hide. Drag & drop blur effect on video clip on timeline. Click on view menu and click on properties to open properties window.

To add blur effect drag amount slider towards right to increase and decrease it drag it to left.

To add or remove edge select / deslect edge option.

Remove Blur Effect-

To remove effect from video click on delete effect button.

Blur little part of the video

To hide or blur little part of the video, click and drag obscure effect on video clip on timeline. Now in effects panel to change the position enter values for x and y. To change height & width enter values in w & h box.

Or to change the size on project monitor drag the borders of effect. And to move it drag & drop it where you want it to appear.

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