How To Add Text In Ezvid

How To Add Text In Ezvid

In this tutorial we will see how to add text in Ezvid? After learning this you can add title, subtitles & end credits to your videos.

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how to add text to video using ezvid video editor.
Add Text To Your Videos

Insert Text To Video-

To add text to your video, click on add text icon in Ezvid video editor. Here you can edit the text as you want, for that type the text which you want and then click on font color and select color for your text. Click on font option and select font for your text. To change background color of text click on background color and select any color. When you are finished with editing your text click on finish button at top, to add your text in video.

Change Text In Video-

Anytime if you want to change the text just double click on text slide and edit it. Click on finish button when you are done with editing.

Change Place Of Text In Video-

To change the place of text in video, just click on it and drag and drop it where you want it in your video to appear.

So this way you can insert text to your videos using Ezvid video editor.

To better understand this watch my tutorial

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