How To Add Narration In Videopad?

In this post we will see how to add narration to video using videopad video editor.

add narration in videopad
Add Narration In Videopad

To add narration first add your video on the sequence upon which you want to record the narration and on home tab click on record and click on over video and it will open record sound over video window.

To stop the recording click on stop button and you can see the recording will get added into audio recordings bin. If you want to record more narration, in record sound over video click on the record button again and click on the stop button to stop the recording. You can record narration till the end of the video.

Once you are done with the recording click on the close button to close the window.

If you want to know where your narration is saved on your computer right click on it click on open file location and you can see it got saved under music folder. To check the narration click on the play button under sequence preview panel.

So this way you can add narration in Videopad. If you have any questions do post them in the comments.

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