How To Add Credits In Cinelerra?

In this post we will see how to add credits to video using cinelerra video editor.

add credits to video using cinelerra
Add credits to video

Add credits on video-
Select the last part of video where you want credits to appear. Right click on it and click on attach effect.
Search title plugin click on it and click ok button. On effect click on show controls button. Or right click on effect click on show.
Type the credits in text box.
Change the font & font size. Once everything is done close the window. It will create still credits.

Scrolling credits-
To make a scrolling credits again click on show controls. From motion dropdown select bottom to top. Adjust the speed of credits to match with video.

Add a different background for credits-
Click on show controls. Select background option click on search button. Click on the background (video / image) click on ok button.

Credits after end of the video-
Drag the title effect at the end of the clip.34
Uncheck the background option.

Play the video in compositor to check it.

So this way we can add credits to video using cinelerra video editor. If you have any question do post it in comments.

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