How To Add Audio In Kdenlive?

How To Add Audio In Kdenlive?

Audio is the essential element when it comes to video. Whether it’s a music track playing in the background or speech of a narrator or dialogues between actors it’s very important aspect of videos. In this post let us see how to add audio in Kdenlive video editor.

kdenlive add audio

Import media

First import the video and audio files in Kdenlive. If you don’t know how to read this post. Drag and drop the video on timeline. Play the video in project monitor to check if it’s working properly or not.

Add audio

Drag and drop audio file on audio track. Match the starting point of video and audio if you want audio to begin from the start of the video. If audio length is greater than video you will need to cut or trim the audio at the end. Read how to cut clip here same way you can cut the clip.

Or drag the audio part to the position from where you want it to start. For that play the video in project monitor and pause at position from where you want the audio to play now put the audio at that location on audio track.

Click on play button to check audio. Once done select both tracks (video and audio) on timeline by holding Ctrl+Shift key on keyboard and clicking on track. Right click on clip and click on group clips. Video and audio will get attached.

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