Freeze Frame In Kdenlive

Freeze Frame In Kdenlive

In this post we will see how to freeze frame in Kdenlive video editor. When we freeze frame the video just stops there on that scene for mentioned time so it looks like a freeze image (stopped image)

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how to make freeze frame in kdenlive
Freeze Frame In Kdenlive

First import the video in Kdenlive, play it to check it.

Drop the video on video track on timeline

Now drag the playhead where you want to freeze the frame. Drag the zoom slider on the status bar to zoom on timeline, to see each frame neatly.

Now split the clip at playhead location. Use the zoom slider to zoom out. Now again repeat the same previous step and split the clip little further, to get that exact frame which you want to freeze.

Once done select the clip on which you want to add freeze frame effect. Go to effects section, go to motion and then drag & drop freeze frame effect on the clip.

The frame will freeze at selected location.

But this will trim out some portion of the video. To bring it back.

Drag the right side clip border little aside and drag it’s left side to get back trimmed part.

So this way you can freeze frame in Kdenlive. If you have any question do post it in commnets below.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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