Free For Commercial Use Images & Videos – Part III

In this post, we are going to see the best place to get free for commercial use images and videos which you can use in your projects.

free for commercial use videos images
Free for commercial use videos/images

Go to

You can see there are different pictures on homepage.
Enter text in search box & hit enter key.
Scroll to see images.
Click on the image to open it.
Click on download button to download image.
Check the downloaded image
For videos click on free videos menu.
It will take you to site.
Enter text in search box and hit enter key.
Click on the video to play it.
Click on download button.
Click on download button next to the resolution you want.
Click on save file & click on ok button.
Or click on collections.
Here videos are grouped in collections.
Click on any collection to see it.

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