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In this post we will see how easy it is to change the speed of the video using Ezvid. i.e. how to make slow motion or time lapse videos in Ezvid.

Watch video tutorial here

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How to make slow motion video in ezvid
Slow motion video in ezvid

First add video which you want to edit. Play it to check you can see it’s a normal speed video. Now let’s change the speed of the video and see how it looks.

Slow Motion In Ezvid

To make slow motion video right click on it, click on speed click on speed between 25%-75% basically normal speed video has 100% speed and when we want to convert it into slow motion we need to select the number less than 100%.
it will take little time to complete.

Fast Motion

To make fast motion or time lapse video right click on video, click on speed which is greater than 100% so choose between 150% and 600%.
wait till your video get processed.

Back To Normal Speed

If anytime you want to convert your video back to normal speed right click on it and click on speed option and choose 100%

Watch video tutorial

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