Ezvid – Free Video Editor For Windows

Ezvid Free Video Editor For Windows

Ezvid this simple and easy to use free video editor software has been developed by the Ezvid Inc. Software company based at Los Angeles.

Currently you can use Ezvid only on Windows operating systems. It’s a full featured video editor and a HD screen recorder. The most important thing about Ezvid is it’s absolutely free to download and use. Ezvid has been downloaded more than three million times. And it is used to make millions of videos on YouTube.

Ezvid video editor

If you aren’t still convinced let me tell you some of it’s cool features-

Fast & Easy Screen Recorder-

Do you want to make tutorials where you want to record your screen and make a narrated tutorials?? Ezvid is a best choice for that.
With one click you can record your screen and whatever appears on it like any sort of web pages, games, maps. Then edit the videos and save them on your computer or Ezvid gives you the facility to upload your videos directly on YouTube.


Have you seen those videos where YouTubers add themselves in corner of the video and narrate the video same way with help of Facecam feature available in Ezvid video editor you can record yourself and add it on your video.

Voice synthesis

Voice synthesis feature will give you the ability to convert the text to speech so you don’t need to think about how you will sound good
or not in your recording or suppose you don’t have a mic to record the best audio this feature will came handy.

Ezvid Interface

One of the best thing I specially like about Ezvid is this it’s interface which is beginner friendly you just open it and in one glance looking at it you will find what tool is what and what not.
It contains all necessary features video editor requires.
So if you are a new to video editing I highly recommend Ezvid the best video editing software.

Slideshow maker

If you don’t want to edit the videos or don’t want to record the screen captures but want to make a movie with your photos stored on your computer? You can do that with Ezvid it will help you to create a beautiful slideshow type video in matter of minutes, with background music, cool transitions and some text overlays will make your slideshow awesome for sure.

Capture game plays

Are you a fan of games and want to record your on game plays? With this software you can do that too I forgot to mention it will allow you to record your videos in HD quality so your gameplays will look awesome.

Draw on screen

Have you seen those videos where narrators draw on screen shapes and arrows or even add some colorful text you can make these type of videos to using Ezvid.

Free music included

It’s another cool thing ezvid have for us. It gives free to use music tracks so you can add them in the background of your video to make them more interesting.

Conclusion –

Ezvid the world’s single best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers.

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