Extract Audio From Video In Kdenlive

Extract Audio From Video In Kdenlive

Do you have video which have good background music which you would like to use in other project? So in this post we will see how to extract only audio or music from video using Kdenlive video editor.

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kdenlive extract audio

Import Video

First steps first you will need to import / add the video with music in Kdenlive. Then drag and drop it on timeline. Click on the play button under project monitor to check if video is working properly.

Extract Audio

Right click on the video on timeline and click on ungroup clips this will separate the audio and video. Now click on the video track and hit delete key on keyboard.

Now click on the audio and click on play button under project monitor to check it.

Save Audio

Now to save only this audio on extra menu bar click on render again click on render . On render project tab under format options go to audio only. Click on the type which you want give it a name and click on render to file.

After rendering completes go to the folder where you have saved the audio click on it to play.

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