Export Video In Kdenlive

How To Export Video In Kdenlive?

In this post we will see how to export video in kdenlive video editor.

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export video in kdenlive
How To Export Video In Kdenlive

After finishing editing, again check your video by playing one more time. Up til now our work is saved like kdenlive project which you can play only inside Kdenlive video editor. If you want to share your this work on internet or other places you will need to first convert this project into appropriate video format and for that we will need to export or render our project so it will produce the video output. So let’s see how to export video in kdenlive video editor.

Export Video / Render Video-

To render a video click on render button on extra tool bar & again click on render option. Here you will need to select the destination folder where you want to save your final rendered video, or you can stick with the default location to save the video.

Then select the video format in which you want to save the video. Click on the format name to select it. Always stick with mp4 format if you want to save your video on wide variety of online platforms.

Now give a suitable name to your video. And most importantly don’t forget to select full project option to render full project.

After everything is set now click on render to file. Depending upon your project size it will take time to render.

Once rendering completes go to the folder where you have save the video and play it in your favorite media player to check it.

So this is how you can export or render video. If you have any question put it in the comment section.

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