Crop Video In Shotcut

In this post we will see how to crop video in shotcut video editor.

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crop video in shotcut
How to crop video in shotcut

First import video or image & add it to playlist.
Add video track on timeline and drag and drop the clip on it.
Click on clip and click on filters, click on add a filter,
click on crop:circle.
Drag the radius slider to change the crop size.
If you want you can change the default color click on pick a color option & select color from screen.
Or click on color and select the color and click on ok button to apply it.
Now click on crop:rectangle
drag corner radius slider to crop it.
You can drag and drop this box to crop the video / image, and give it a color.

So this way we can crop video in shotcut. If you have any question do post it in comments.

Watch video tutorial here

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