Add Video In Ezvid

How To Add Videos In Ezvid

Ezvid is freeware. And in this tutorial we will see how to add video in Ezvid video editor. To start working within it’s environment.

how to add videos in ezvid

Adding Photos In Ezvid –

To add photos/pictures/images, click on add pictures or video. And go to folder where you have kept the pictures, select one or more photos and click on open button, to import it inside Ezvid.

If you want to change the duration of the photos, drag it’s border.

Delete images-

If any time you want to delete any imported image just click on it and hit delete key on keyboard. Or right click on the image and click on delete.

How To Import Video In Ezvid –

To add video click on add pictures or video and go to the folder where you have kept videos. Click on it and click on open button. It will take some time to import depending upon video length. You can add as many videos as you want till 40 minutes length. Click on video and drag and drop it to change it’s position.

imp – By default you can make upto 40 minutes videos in Ezvid.

So this way you can import images & videos into Ezvid video editor.

To better understand this watch my tutorial

Tutorial by tutordidi

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