Add Caption Using Cinelerra

In this post we will see how to add caption to video using cinelerra video editor.

add caption to video using cinelerra
How to add caption using cinelerra

First play the video in compositor to check it. On timeline select the part where you want to add the caption.
Right click on it and click on attach effect. Search title plugin click on it and click ok button.
Right click on title effect & click on show or click on show controls icon.
Type the caption in textbox to change the color of text click on color. Click on color you want and click ok button.
Same way you can change outline color.
Increase or decrease outline by changing outline value.

You can change it’s font and font size.
Change the position of text.

If you want you can add a drop shadow to the caption.
Once everything is done close the dialog box.
Repeat same process to add more captions.

So this way we can add caption to video using cinelerra. If you have any question do post it in comments.

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